HoBao DC-1 Build Blog

00-leadThe new DC-1 from HoBao is on sale now and available in either a Ready-To-Run or kit format. Racer was lucky to get a sample from CML Distribution who represent the HoBao brand in the UK and as it was the latter kit type, we decided that a build blog would be perfect to show off the 1:10-scale trail crawler. So over the next few days, we will be uploading photos going through the build from beginning to finish.

001-The-kit-laid-outTo start off, here are all the parts laid out and ready to be opened


002-Details-instructionsThe instructions are clear and easy to follow


004-Two-speed-transmission-partsThe parts that make up the two-speed transmission


If you have any questions, feel free to post them on our social media feed – we have a Facebook group and page as well as a Twitter feed and these will also be used to notify you of updates to this on-going process…

Look out for a detailed build report in a future issue of Racer as well as a full driving review soon.

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